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Q. Do you make crystal LDS temples?

Marge's creations are more properly called glass sculptures rather than crystal. Crystal differs from glass in that it has a higher lead content. This type of sculpting is sometimes also called spun glass sculpture or lamp working.

Q. I don't see the temple I want on your photo gallery. Do you make temples besides those?

Absolutely! Space and practicality limit the number of temples we can display on our site. But Marge can create any LDS temple in glass. Just specify which temple you want on your order.

Q. Can you put GOLD on the Moroni?

Yes! We use an 18K gold coating.



Q. Will you ship out of the country?

Sure! Just complete your order and we'll contact you with the international shipping cost which after you approve, we will bill you through PayPal. Please be aware that we can not guarantee against damage for products shipped out of the USA.

Q. How fast do you ship?

Our standard (free) shipping is between 1-4 weeks. Why such a range? We combine orders for Marge to create and then for shipping.

If you need something faster than the 1-4 week timeframe, please contact us! Our next ship date may be very soon. If it's not, we're happy to guarantee express shipping via the shipping options during check-out.

Q. I see you are located in Utah county. I live not far from there; can I pick up my temple in person to save shipping costs?

We are located in Provo, Utah, just a couple of minutes' drive from the University Mall in Orem. You are welcome to come to our location to pick up your LDS glass temple sculpture. Just call or email us at the number or address on our contact page and we'll give you directions.

Q. Help! I need my temple sculpture tomorrow! Can you do rush orders?

Many temples are in stock, but in the case that we do not have your temple in stock, Marge can usually create it within a few days (and sometimes within hours!) That usually means we can fill a rush order within 24 hours, IF you are able to come to our office to pick it up in person. Please call our sales line (801.805.4742) to arrange a rush order.

Q. Why don't you expedite delivery to rural route addresses?

UPS charges us a much higher rate to deliver to rural route addresses. Why not consider having your temple shipped to a friend or relative who lives in town? If you would still like delivery to your rural route address, please call our sales line to find out the delivery cost to your address.

Q. How big will the package be?

We discovered early on that the delicate details that make these temple sculptures so beautiful can easily break during shipping if they are not properly packed. You'll see when you receive your shipment how much care goes into protecting your unique keepsake. Please do not request delivery to an address that is not secure for packages. Our boxes are typically 8x8x8 (small) to 12x10x10 (large shipments).

Q. Why can't I give my post office box as an expedited delivery address?

Our carrier, UPS, cannot deliver to U.S. Postal Service P.O. box addresses. They need a street address of a home or business to deliver your package.