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About us is the official site of spun-glass artist Marge Rosebrook*

Marge has been creating spun glass sculptures for over 30 years. All of her creations are hand-sculpted. She is incredibly talented and enjoys creating heirloom quality works of art. While her focus is LDS glass temples, she can also create a stunning array of custom sculptures. Temples Around the World claims no affiliation with Karen Kofford and Krystal Kreations, though Marge created temples for Krystal Kreations in the University Mall in Orem for decades. Marge repairs all work purchased from Krystal Kreations and/or Karen Kofford and other temple glass artists such as Sculpting in Motion. She will repair other works of other artists as well.

Check out our accessory products as well. The finest glass domes, mirror and lighted bases, and engraving.